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Stunning design meets ease of use.
Discover a range of stunning products designed to seamlessly blend with any décor and make every home come alive. The Shynora range not only elevates your living space into the league of the extraordinary but also adds smart convenience to your lifestyle.
Add a touch of shine to your home.
Bring home a range of switches and accessories with style, quality and smart technology in equal measure.
Product Categories
Highly durable flame-retardant polycarbonate switches built with FR-grade polycarbonate, laser-etched for easier identification of product ratings and descriptions.
Fan Regulators
That offer speed control up to 8 steps.
Fitted with shrouded terminals to help minimize exposure from accidental contact with live screws and terminals during installation.
USB Chargers
USB types A and C sockets with curved, screw-free exteriors and flexible clips for greater stability and strength.
Hospitality Solutions
With monoblock electronic switch, activated by card insertion.
Data & Communications
8-pin ethernet sockets for high-speed network connectivity. Ideal for computers, printers, network storage devices, and cable or DSL modems.
Easily set the mood for your evenings.
Safety solutions
Stay protected against overloads and short circuits.
Frequently Asked Questions.
  • What is different in the Shynora range of switches?
    Shynora is Indoasian’s latest range of electrical products. Keeping IndoAsian’s tradition of constant advancement, Shynora is its first range to have 175+ variants with sleek design plates and vibrant colour mechanisms. All its products are RoHS compliant tested and certified with applicable quality and safety standards. This range is the perfect combination of safety, style and functionality.
  • What are the safety features in this range of switches?
    Like all other Indoasian products, safety has been the main focal point in the designing and manufacturing of the Shynora range. Shynora switches come with IP 20, ISI mark, UV protection with Fire retardant material and multiple safety tests. They are also RoHS compliant, can withstand high temperatures and have been humidity tested to ensure longevity. The switches have also been tested to exceed 1 lakh on/off operations for over a decade. Additionally, the sockets in this range are also fitted with safety shutters to prevent shocks.
  • What are the colour combinations available in this range?
    The Shynora switches are available in two colour mechanisms- white and cool grey and five stunning finishes - white, chrome white, cool grey, pink and Milan gold.
  • What does the Shynora range consist of?
    The Shynora wiring system consists of high quality and high functionality sockets, switches, dimmers (1M & 2M), Switch with indicators, 8-step fan regulators and our unique Combi Euro socket with USB Type A & Type C 3.1A for residential and commercial spaces. Its hospitality solutions range includes MMR and DND indicators, key card, call bells, skirting lights among other products. The range also includes MCBs that protect appliances and products against power overload. There are several options to pick from - the power unit with 20A/25A MCB and plug, MCB (6/10/16/20/25/32A), MCB - DP 16/20/25/32A and DP switches with indicators (20A and 32A).
  • Does the Shynora range offer hospitality solutions?
    There are several quality hospitality solutions the Shynora range offers from Make My Room and Do Not Disturb indicators to key cards and tags. The range includes multiple products like the Shaver sockets, Skirting light and 8- pin ethernet sockets for high speed network connectivity, A Unique Combo unit of Type A and Type C charging panel along with a Euro socket to charge multiple devices simultaneously. The key cards and tags are monoblock electronic switches available with contactless operation. Additionally, the Modular Mechanical key tag switch can be installed in any Shynora plates. Pick from their two colour mechanisms - white and cool grey and the multiple stunning finishes white, chrome white, cool grey, pink and Milan gold for the perfect match to your decor.
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