Switching Devices

    Ambidex – Changeover

    Ambidex Changeover switches facilitate the uninterrupted supply of power from a main power source to an alternative one, easily and seamlessly. They are flexible to operate, ensure supply continuity, and are a safe, reliable and durable solution to meet every need.

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    Switch Disconnector Fuse

    Designed with innovation to deliver a fuse that extends the life of a switch, Indo Asian’s Switch Disconnector Fuses are based on the QUAD Break principle, enabling a drastic reduction in arcing produced at the time of breaking. The complete range from 32A to 800A is available.

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    Rewirable Switch

    Indo Asian’s Rewirable Switches are ideal and handy for the effective control of repetitive switching operations in domestic, commercial and industrial applications, where heavy on-load switching duties are required. Our designs ensure long life and consistent performance.

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